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Photo by Amy Rizzuto Photography– Makeup by Anabelle LaGuardia


When should you book wedding makeup is a common question I receive.  Many wedding resource guides put out inaccurate timelines when it comes to when you should book wedding makeup.  We always seem to be the last on the list in the booking process.  This is a colossal mistake and I am going to share with you why. 

When should you book wedding makeup?

The best time frame of when you should book wedding makeup is as soon as you have your wedding dress.  Your wedding dress is going to dictate the look and feel of your hair and makeup.  However, if there is an available makeup artist that you absolutely want to work with I suggest you secure them in advance of finding your wedding dress. 

It’s A Process!

Finding the right wedding makeup artist is a process.  You need ample time to do your research to figure out how you want to look and feel and what you want out of a makeup artist.  When reaching out to available makeup artists ask questions about their process, booking policies and how trials are scheduled.  Some brides don’t know what they want and won’t know until they have done makeup trials.   A wedding makeup professional will know how to collaborate with you to design a wedding makeup look best suited for you and the elements of your wedding day. 

Some wedding makeup artists require you to secure your date with a signed contract and date retainer prior to a makeup trial.  In these instances, you would have your makeup trial closer to your wedding date.  Other wedding makeup artists, like myself, welcome a trial prior to booking to ensure we are a mutual fit.  I also personally love to schedule an optional and complimentary quick ten minute “Perfect Fit” chat with interested brides prior to scheduling a makeup trial.  This allows me to understand their needs and vision, answer their questions and determine if a makeup trial would be the next step.

Be Selective!

Hire a makeup artist that specializes in wedding makeup.   A wedding makeup artist understands lighting and photography and works with professional camera-ready makeup for longevity.   We also know how to achieve the balance of makeup translating in your wedding photos while looking like yourself in person.  My brides always tell me they understand they need to look good in photos but they really want to also look and feel like themselves!   We know how to master this balance and ensure your makeup will hold up all day through your photos, ceremony, and reception with minimal touch-ups. 

Secure Your Date!

Work with a wedding makeup artist that has a contract in place to protect you both and has a network of artists to call upon should there be an emergency.  It is imperative to do your research a wedding makeup artist as seriously as you would your other vendors.  The wedding season is busy and dates book up quickly.  It’s better for your sanity to get your beauty vendors secured in advance to avoid last-minute scrambling, or worse yet, slim pickings!

Makeup Inspiration

As you gather wedding makeup inspiration photos be aware that you may think a certain look is going to look great on you until you see it on yourself.  Most brides don’t realize how much makeup is involved to look flawless and natural!  Some brides don’t wear makeup daily or at all and need expert guidance.

Align yourself with a wedding makeup artist that is going to ask you a lot of questions and guide you in bringing your vision to life in a manner that works for you.  Some brides know exactly what they want and can make decisions quickly.   Others feel overwhelmed by decisions and need more guidance to figure out how they want to look and feel on their wedding day.  This process can take a little while.  The more seasoned makeup artists are going to book out farther in advance.   Don’t leave yourself scrambling to find a reliable, talented and available makeup artist that specializes in wedding makeup. 

Do I need a makeup trial?

I highly advise that you do a makeup trial!  Your wedding day is not the day to leave anything to chance.  You want to ensure you do not encounter any allergic reactions to products.  It is important to be sure you love how you look and feel and that your makeup isn’t going to fade in an hour!  Do you vibe with your makeup artist? The energy you surround yourself with on your wedding day is so important!

What time of day should I book a trial?

When possible book makeup trials earlier in the day to test the longevity.  Make notes of any feedback to provide the artist.  Weekends may not always work for makeup trials as many of us are booked on weddings and other special events.  In my winter off-season, I am more able to offer weekend trials.  Otherwise, I will meet with my brides on a weekday or after they get off from work.  Some brides like to schedule their makeup trial for the same day as an event they are attending or for their engagement shoot.  I personally do not have an issue with this but this would be based on my availability.  Be mindful that a trial does not secure your wedding date.  Only a signed contract and date retainer will secure your wedding date.  It is always best to get your makeup trials scheduled sooner than later.  Sometimes you just need to book them when you don’t have an occasion or event!

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