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Your wedding is an occasion where you will want to look and feel like an enhanced version of yourself.    With a long day of photographs, ceremony, and reception you will want your makeup to last and translate on camera.  Wedding makeup should be timeless.  10 plus years down the road when you look back on your photos, you should still love how your makeup looked.  I am sharing with you my top wedding makeup tips. 

Timeless wedding Makeup Tips

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or hiring a professional, follow these tips to achieve a timeless, and camera-ready look.

look like yourself 

Most brides want to look like an elevated version of themselves.  If you don’t normally wear much makeup, you will likely feel and look unrecognizable with overdone makeup.   You can achieve any look with makeup but it should enhance your features naturally with some pop to look special.  Check out my blog post explaining natural vs neutral glam wedding makeup.

instagram glam is not reality

Most makeup trends you see on Instagram are over-edited, highly filtered and layer upon layer of heavy makeup.  It may look pretty on your Instagram feed but in person, it is highly overdone and far from natural.  There is nothing wrong with experimenting with fun looks but your wedding day makeup should remain classic.  Reserve the edgier looks for your bachelorette party or any fun night out. 

avoid glitter

Makeup with glitter does not photograph well and results in looking shiny or oily in photos.  Opt for a shimmer used strategically on the eyelid, above the cheekbones or decolletage. 

waterproof your makeup

Tears, sweat, and rain compromise makeup.  Always opt for waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Setting under the eyes is important for extra insurance.  I personally love the Laura Mercier Secret Undereye Brightening Powder.  It not only sets but brightens.

lip color

Opt for tones that enhance your skin tone and brighten your teeth.  Too neutral of a lip will have you washed out.  When in doubt use your natural lip color as a guide and enhance it.  Shades of pink, peach, and plums are universally flattering.  Some long-wear lip colors can look dry after a few hours.  Opt for lip colors with moisture.

groom your brows

Brows are a key component to frame your eyes.  A professional brow shaping will ensure your eyes will pop.  Sparse brows can be naturally enhanced with a brow pencil, powder or gel.

finishing spray

To ensure your makeup has additional staying power, always set with a makeup setting spray.  Think of it as a hairspray for the face.  With your wedding day being a long day you will want that extra insurance. 

touch-up products

Whether you are doing your own makeup or having it professionally done, having touch up products on hand is a must.  If you are hiring a pro, ask if they provide touch up services through photos and ceremony.  If you do your own touch-ups I recommend you have a blotting powder or papers, lip color, and a blush.

I hope my top wedding makeup tips are helpful as you navigate your wedding day makeup.  

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