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best tips for wedding makeup for redheads

Are you a redheaded bride to be and confused about what makeup tones you should be wearing on your wedding day?  There are so many beautiful color palette options available to explore when researching wedding makeup for redheads.  As a professional wedding makeup artist for 21 years I have worked with countless redheaded brides.  I am going to share with you my pro tips for wedding makeup for redheads.


When choosing eyeshadow for redheads, opt for tones with a red base such as bronze, plum, copper, soft peach, and rose gold.  When unsure you can play it safe with neutral eyeshadows such as pale golds, champagnes, light browns, taupes & mushroom colors.

wedding makeup for redheads


For redheads, I suggest either an eyeliner in black, dark brown or a rich bronze with gold flecks.  If you love color, my favorites eyeliner tones for redheads are a deep navy, dark plum or a rich aubergine.

nyc wedding makeup artistwedding makeup for redheads


Bronzer alone is not enough to add dimension to your cheekbones.   A blush with a pop of color is recommended to brighten up your complexion and translate on camera.   My favorite blushes tones for wedding makeup for redheads are medium tone pinks, plums, rosy browns, and corals.

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Lip color

wedding makeup for redheads

Pale nudes on redheads will look washed out.  My favorite tones of lip colors for redheads are bright pink, warm rose, berry, corals, pinky reds, coral reds, and brown reds.

When you are doing your research for wedding makeup for redheads, always choose inspiration photos that mimic your exact color of hair, eyes and skin tone.  This will give you a more realistic idea of how this makeup will translate on you when you go for your wedding makeup trial.

All inspiration photos below are sourced from Pinterest and not my makeup work.

wedding makeup for redheads                


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