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NYC Makeup Lessons


Many clients admit that they don’t often wear makeup, or very little, simply because they have never been taught how to apply it correctly. They don’t have any ideas as to which color palette and products will work best for their features, skin type, time-management and overall lifestyle.

I often hear women express frustration with their makeup not lasting throughout the day, or settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Too often they receive poor and misleading advice about what techniques they should be incorporating to get the best results. It simply boils down to having the patience and an open mind to learning about the right products and techniques to get long-lasting, professional results. 

Once you have the correct products, it is essential that you have the right brushes and tools in order to get the best results. Understandably, with so many cosmetic brands on the market this can be an overwhelming prospect. How great would it be to have a patient, knowledgeable and professional makeup artist break it down for you in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate into your lifestyle, while in the privacy of your home?

It can be a little intimidating to sit at a high-traffic makeup counter where you are on display with tons of distractions and a sales person pressuring you to purchase product. This scenario happens all the time. I have many clients with tons of makeup product from counters, but have absolutely no idea how to use them. Scheduling a private makeup lesson with Anabelle will teach you the skills you need, and give you the confidence to do your makeup like a pro. Lessons are catered to your skill-level, whether you are new to makeup or are more advanced in your skill and are wanting a new look.


  • Lesson in the privacy of your location.
  • We review your makeup and skin care to determine what to keep and toss.
  • Learn product and tools suggestions.
  • Brush technique and care are explained.
  • We will demo one half of your face and guide you as you do your other half.
  • A detailed face chart will be created for your reference.

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