As a professional makeup artist, I am afforded the opportunity to travel and work in various areas of the industry while being exposed to so many diverse people and locations. The one-on-one, and somewhat intimate interaction, allows me to learn a little about each client as they share with me a personal glimpse into their lives. I absolutely love working with women for their engagement shoot, wedding day and even for a portrait shoot they may do for a dating profile, corporate website or just to have as a keepsake to remember themselves at a certain time in their life. It is empowering getting yourself glammed-up for an event or a personal photo shoot!

Engagement shoots are a prime opportunity for you to get to know your wedding day photographer. In addition, they are a great way to test how a professional makeup application will translate on-camera, so that there are no surprises on your wedding day. It is a great reason to treat yourself to a beautiful makeup application.

I often receive a lot of great feedback on my wedding portfolio from prospective brides as to how polished and pretty each bride looks, and how they too want to look like a more special version of themselves. My wedding portfolio consists of a main bridal gallery where you can see an array of different brides, as well as individually featured weddings, that include a little background info and a virtual timeline of the day through professional photos. You can really see, in the featured weddings, the power of a professional makeup application. You can actually see how well it photographs and maintains itself right through the cake cutting! If you are interested in checking out any of my featured venues or photographers, please just click directly onto their links.

In my portrait portfolio you see an array of women with various coloring and features. These women are performers, models, opera singers, actors as well as women that wanted a photo for a dating profile or corporate website. The idea behind each of their makeup was to highlight their features while maintaining the essence of who they are. As transformative as makeup can be I believe women should remain true to who they are.

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