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When it comes to wedding makeup, natural vs neutral glam wedding makeup are terms brides use during their makeup trial.  Because the terms seem similar, they are actually very different and can be confusing.  This blog post will help you understand the difference to communicate the look you are envisioning for yourself.

natural wedding makeup

Natural wedding makeup defines a look that appears bare-faced or nude.  Therefore the color palette mimics natural flesh tones like peach, rose, and tan.  This look focuses on highlighting and perfecting the skin to give it a “fresh-faced” look.  Therefore, the goal is to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup.  No matter if you are fair, medium or dark, stick to tones two shades (lighter or darker) of your natural cheek, lip and eyelid colors.

It takes a professional makeup artist the same amount of time to apply a natural vs neutral glam wedding makeup.  The no-makeup natural look essentially involves the same expertise and manipulation of products to give the illusion of flawless skin as it is to do a neutral glam.  Less makeup does not mean less time or a “simpler” makeup application.  Therefore, understand that both natural vs neutral glam wedding makeup requires the same level of time and skill by a professional makeup artist

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natural wedding makeupnatural vs neutral wedding makeupnatural vs neutral wedding makeup

neutral glam wedding makeup

Neutral means “no color.”  A neutral wedding makeup look includes soft shades of earth, taupe, gray and flesh tones.  Textures can vary from matte to shimmer or metallic.  Neutral makeup can be dramatic or subtle. It all depends on the look you are envisioning.

Neutral makeup is classic and timeless.  A neutral wedding makeup look is ideal for when you know you need to wear more than normal to translate in photography while remaining an elevated version of yourself.

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neutral wedding makeup natural vs neutral wedding makeupneutral glam

Makeup Inspiration Photos

When brides bring inspiration photos to their makeup trial, I often see images of neutral glam and red carpet glam looks.  I love inspiration photos but I want you to understand the difference between NATURAL and NEUTRAL.  Neutral and red carpet makeup can appear soft in photos and easily mistaken as natural makeup.  Most importantly, this is a more elevated neutral makeup that will translate in person and in photography.

Natural means many different things to different artists depending on the artist you work with.  When I hear natural, I do not think neutral glam or red carpet.  As a makeup artist, natural to me is a fresh-faced, glowing skin, no-makeup look. You aren’t seeing contour, strong lines, lots of eye shadow or full coverage.

Neutral glam means the makeup is neutral in colors yet defined with lashes, highlighting and contouring to look elevated, glowing, and flawless.  This look translates best in photography more than a natural look would.  A natural look is best suited for brides that are not comfortable with more makeup or do not want the look of a neutral glam.  This is a personal preference but the less makeup worn the less it will translate in photography.  A true professional makeup artist knows how to find the balance.