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LimeLife By AlconeAs of May 2018, Anabelle LaGuardia Makeup Artistry is pleased to announce her partnership with LimeLife by Alcone to offer her clients the option to experience cruelty free, consumer friendly, professional makeup and chemical free skin care. 

Throughout Anabelle’s career, her clients, family and friends have trusted her knowledge for advice on makeup and skin care suggestions, sending them product links, or to beauty supply retailers, Sephora and Ulta. After a lot of thought and research, Anabelle decided that she wanted and needed to expand her service offerings by offering her clients a professional grade  makeup and chemical free skin care line.  With so much information out there, some good and bad, Anabelle saw a need to be an honest resource for her clients offering them guidance and access to professional makeup and natural skin care product options.

The history of LimeLife by Alcone

Alcone is a company based in NYC that has been around since 1952, providing professional grade cosmetics to makeup artists, celebrities and performers. In 2013 Alcone at Home was launched as a way for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts to sell professional makeup to women across the country. In 2015, Alcone at Home evolved into LimeLight by Alcone and added all-natural, chemical free and plant based skin care to their existing beauty line. In 2018, LimeLight by Alcone is being re branded as LimeLife by Alcone and they are branching out into other countries. They are officially now in Canada with the UK being next.

Brighter Together Foundation

The Brighter Together Foundation was established in 2017 and is led by LimeLife by Alcone sales directors and corporate officers. The purpose of this foundation is to foster the innate entrepreneurial spirit of women in the most impoverished societies around the world.

To serve this mission, the Brighter Together Foundation is a global partner with Project Concern International’s (PCI) Women Empowered (WE) Initiative. This highly-successful, savings-led microfinancing program teaches women how to:

• start and build a business

• save profits from that business, and then

• combine the savings to create community-led microfinancing programs.

• Be powerful leaders in their communities

Brighter Together Foundation


WE members pool their own savings and make loans to one another, and PCI provides these women with comprehensive knowledge, training, and guidance to start and build their own successful business. What makes the WE Initiative special is that PCI further trains these female business owners to become leaders in their community, increasing their economic, cultural, and political status. WE members have demonstrated a 17% increase in their participation in household decision-making, and are better able to provide for their families’ health and education needs.


Funding for the Brighter Together efforts comes from rank promotion donations, sales of custom collections, and contributions from our sales field. Our foundation passes 100% of its funding onto our charitable partner and 89% of PCI’s funding goes directly to entrepreneurial field training and support. In its first year, the Brighter Together Foundation hopes to help over 2,000 female entrepreneurs in Tanzania, India, Guatemala, and Burundi.

accessible professional makeup

LimeLife by Alcone’s tried and true professional makeup line, used by makeup artists in their professional kits for decades, brings consumer friendly, professional makeup results available to everyone. Professional makeup formulas are superior to consumer makeup formulas because they have more pigment and fewer fillers, ( a little goes along way), with better payoff.

They blend easier, photograph better, they don’t bleed, clump, wrinkle or chalk, and always look flawless on the skin. Their makeup packaging is also eco-friendly and customizable. Experience the trusted product professional makeup artists use on their clients, brides, photo and video shoots to get long lasting, camera ready results.


LimeLife by Alcone

chemical free skin care

LimeLife by AlconeIt takes less that a minute for chemicals from skin care products to get into your bloodstream. LimeLife by Alcone’s chemical free products work to heal, hydrate, and re balance your own skin cells. This is different and much more effective than other brands’ strip-and-replenish process. Many women don’t know how to care for their skin or what makeup choices are best for them. We all have pores, fine lines and wrinkles. We are all aging. We must nurture our skin so that we have a healthy glow with or without makeup. When we care for our skin makeup has the perfect canvas. If we don’t care for our skin, signs of aging speed up and there is only so much makeup can do. If our skin isn’t nourished it shows.

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